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If you're looking for a shoe care product not listed below, please let us  know  and we'll do our best to locate it for you.
Prices subject to change.

Large Wooden Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush               $15

Medium Wooden Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush              $10

Wooden Polish Applicator                              $3.50

Suede Brush                                           $5

Leather Dye (4oz bottle)                              $6

Leather Sole Edge Dressing                            $6
Rubber Sole Edge Dressing                             $6

Heel Cushions                                         $5/pair

Athletic Replacement Insoles                          $12/pair
Leather Shoe Liners                                   $10/pair

Shoe Laces                                            $2/pair

Boot Laces                                            $3/pair

Rawhide Laces                                         $5/pair

Mink Oil                                              $5

Saddle Soap                                           $5

Leather Oil                                           $5

Leather Balm                                          $5

Athletic Shoe Cleaner                                 $5

Leather Cleaner                                       $5

Shoe Cream                                            $4

Shoe Polish                                           $4

Liquid Silicone                                       $5

De-salter                                             $5

Shine Cloths (2 per pack)                             $4

Plastic 18" Shoe Horns                                $5

Professional Shoe Shine Kit                           $45

Men's Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic)                 $8/pair

Men's Shoe Trees (Cedar)                              $25/pair

Lady's Shoe Trees (Plastic)                           $6/pair

Lady's Adjustable High Heel Shoe Trees                $4/pair

Shoe Stretch (4oz bottle)                             $5