Shoe Care Product Order Form

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Shoestring Exchange Shoe Repair
32 Fickett Street
South Portland, ME 04106

Tel: (207) 767-3558
If you have any questions please contact us.

Description Qty Cost
Shoe Shine Brush $10.00
Polish Applicator $3.50
Suede Brush $4.00
Leather Dye (4oz bottle) $5.00
Edge Dressing $5.00
Heel Cushions $4.00/pair
Insoles $6.00/pair
Shoelaces $1.50
Bootlaces $2.00/pair
Rawhide Laces $5.00/pair
Mink Oil $4.00
Saddle Soap $4.00
Leather Oil $4.00
Leather Balm $4.00
Athletic Shoe Cleaner $5.00
Leather Cleaner $5.00
Shoe Cream $2.50
Shoe Polish $2.50
Liquid Silicone $4.00
De-salter $4.00
Shine Cloths (2 per pack) $4.00
Shoe Horns (18") $4.00
Shoe Horns (24") $5.00
Professional Shoe Shine Kit $45.00
Men's Shoe Trees (Plastic) $6.00/pair
Men's Shoe Trees (Cedar) $18.00/pair
Women's Shoe Trees (Plastic) $5.00/pair
Women's Pumps or High Heel Shoe Trees $4.00/pair
Shoe Stretch (4oz bottle) $5.00

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(5% tax rate) Total Tax: $
Total Order: $
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